The film: We Witness

The hour-long documentary film, We Witness, captures the creation of the first mural and the reactions of those who live and work in the community as they encounter the statistics of disparity.

We Witness features the viewpoints of local residents, civic and faith leaders, business owners and experts.  It directly confronts local and national politicians and encourages them to develop policies to improve neglected areas in major cities like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York City, and others.


“We Witness” airs on Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW channel 11, from November 11 – 14 and is also available to stream on demand.                  Visit WTTW’s website for more information.

There will also be a free screening at the Chicago History Museum on Saturday, December 4, from noon-2:30 pm. Please see our Facebook event for more information: @CityBricksProject.

In the film, community members from different generations share personal stories and talk about their views on the issues in their communities. Community leaders, elected officials and experts in urban planning, health and other subject areas offer their insights and provide context.

The interviews take place at key community locations, including churches, barbershops/salons, and workplaces — as well as in front of the mural. 

This grassroots project started in the West Garfield Park and Lawndale communities on the West Side of Chicago and will soon expand into other urban areas in and outside of Chicago. The communities need tangible results.  This project will encourage people to get involved in a way that can lead to real and positive change.

"We Witness" is non-partisan and does not endorse any politicians.

It is simply about social and moral issues in these communities.

The project will help to heal the injustices and unfair practices that have been exercised against these communities. This project will open the door for hope, compassion and understanding of the conditions in which these communities are suffering and living.