An Urban Planner’s Perspective on the City Bricks Project

by Oct 24, 2021News

Pete Saunders, community development advisor to the City Bricks Project, keen observer of cities and publisher of The Corner Side Yard Blog, concludes his post about the City Bricks Project with “We can’t change what we refuse to acknowledge.” Writing that “Most people don’t want to believe that the game we play called Living In America is played with a stacked hand, but it is.” Pete continues: “The problem is that we accept the differences. We see them as immutable….The fundamental challenge is that most Americans believe life here is a zero-sum game; if you get more, I get less. They don’t want to challenge the equilibrium.” Read Pete’s excellent article about how the City Bricks Project is questioning the disparities among communities. (An updated version, written in the days following Geoge Floyd’s murder, can be read here.)